jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Inside my Bag: For a Book Fair

Camara: Olympus, Body spray: Coconut by VZ, Wallet: Blaque, Body and hand lotion: Victoria Secret, Lip balm: Gal

Today I am going to the "Feria del Libro" (Book Fair), is a nice event in Buenos Aires city, that I actually did not visit in many years. In this fair you will find many stands divided in categories full of books of all around the world.  I just love it!. I hope I find many treasures!.

So this is what I pack in my bag today; 

Camara: first of all my beloved Camara!, I will show you some pics of the event.
Hand cream, body spray and lip balm: are a MUST in my bag, my dry hands and lips needs some moisturize every hour. Gal Colecciones had the best baseline for the lips, taste amazing (have many flavous) and have some sparkles.
Nail lime: my nails broke very easy! eveytime all the time..
My notebook:  is another must, I am always taking notes annnnddd I need an agenda, I am alway making list with the things I need to do during the day. 
Keys and Cellphone:  I always buy key chains when I travel, I used to have more key chains than keys!, so right now I choose the ones that inspired me! Today is Italy =)

I am thinking in starting to write the post in spanish also, that is my native language. But I really enjoy writting and speaking in english. So I will give it a try, if I do it in two languages I will have to write less!, that will be very hard.

See you around!

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