domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Bubble Bath

How cool is my bubble bath bottle?!... I bought it in a very cool place here in Buenos Aires: VZ bath & body. All the body lotions have an amazing packaging full of positive messages. The fragances are very original, my favourites are Vainilla and Mango. I also have hand lotions and floral body sprays. Everytime I get into that shop I wanna buy a few things everything!. All the shops have similar decoration, white everywhere... feels like heaven.

All the shops are white, white, white!

I use this shimmering body lotion for my legs, especially in summer when I have a good tan and bareleg, it smells like chocolate and it has sparkles.

I have this Cupcake soap in my underwear drawer!

Now they have great hair products, shampoo, conditioners, etc.  I have really dry curls, and I found an apple oil that is prepearing my curls for the winter humidity.
I am the kind of girl that gets ABSOLUTELY crazy with great packaging and we actually don´t have many shops like this in Buenos Aires, thats why everytime I travel I lost my mind. =)

See you around!

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