jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Things I love

My BF and I moved to a beautiful flat  in  Caballito neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, last December. I used to lived more in the north of the city, but the long travels to the city for work, were killing me.

Our new flat has great light, with two massive windows with a great view so I am enjoing my days here. I didn´t have time to decorate early in the year, but now free time is on my side so I am like crazy putting all the pieces toguether!.

I start buying a few things before moving, our old flat was too small, and I am a "stuff" lover, I have a looottt of things, books, more books, magazines, little statues from my travels, postcards.. so basically I am trying to show  those good memories all around the house.

Right now, I need to update my flat, I want some modern looks:

Sofa,  I like the mixed patterns, I decided to go this way, also I like this fabric is very resistent to dogs, I have a puppy  =)

Love the idea of updating an old sofa, really nice!

I found this couches in http://casafad.com/  is a beautiful shop in Palermo city, here in Buenos Aires.



I have a very similar mirror,  I hung it on the wall. I am tall and wanted to see my head also! 

Umbrella stand

I have a similar one (the one of the left) with French drawings, actually the shape is the same.  
 But I like the one on the right even more.  

Frames I am in love with these French style frames, I have quite a few now, I use it for personal pictures and in the kitchen for a cork. I tap there the supermarket shopping list, or any appointment I need to remember.

 Vinyls, This is my latest acquisition: a wall  vinyl, it will be delivered tomorrow,  and I will paste it in the bedroom. 
Vinyls are really cool,  if you have a big extension of wall and dont want to overstock it with frames. 
This is not the  vinyl I order but I will show you tomorrow, I think is gonna look great!

See you around!

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