viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

Mag Fan!: Catalogue

I am a B I G fan of magazines: design magazines , architecture magazines, fashion magazines (love love), music magazines, decoration..... I found a few new Argentinian magazines that I am starting to love.

(The problem is the storage! I have so many magazines I dont know where to put them!)

In the past year I bought (and still doing):  Catalogue Fashion Book. I absolutely adoreeeeee this magazine (?). It is actually a shopping guide, and that makes it much more interesting than just getting the typical fashion editorial in a womans magazine. Actually in Argentina we dont have fab editorials to look after to.

There  are many magazines but no one have: Catalogue´s quality and great sence of style. It also includes the prices of all the items that they photograph. And you can see the clothes well shown without any model, that gives you an idea of the structure of the item for them to go to the shop and see if it fits you.

 The quality is also in the paper that is printed too, and that is really an extra, because it looks like a book.  There is an edition for every season.

Summer 2012/3
Cute list in the last page to make your personal shop list by: item, page, brand and price!
You can see each item by type, I get like crazy in these pages!

So bad they dont have a web page to share, anyway ....

I will show you more of my favorite magazines.

See you around!

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